ActionTrack-Dynamic and suprising game!

Innovative team building meets cutting edge technology

Smart phones guide teams through checkpoints by textual and visual clues. In case clues are not sufficient, a team is led by showing direction and distance to the next checkpoint. The game guides and leads every team separately. After reaching a checkpoint, a team is given a task, which can be textual, visual, multiple choice, nature quiz, or perhaps a sports challenge.The creative platform caters to all abilities and terrain types. Actiontrack participants can be challenged to take on bustling cities, rough paths, wooded areas or even bodies of water. Try our games in Suomenlinna!

Forest Escape: Teamwork, insights and successes—as well as Finland’s magical nature


A mysterious virus is spreading a horrific disease amongst Finns. Your group has been able to escape and is hiding out in the forest. Can you find your way to safety? In the Last of Us– escape game, your group will be taken into the middle of the forest. You will have to solve puzzles, find an escape code and be able to get out of the forest! Equipment to be used: a backpack and a phone.

Time to escape: 66 minutes. The fight against time is about to begin! Book yours now! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gG3CbxnVK4

Will you become a Suomenlinna survivor?

In an archaeological excavation, a small frozen bottle is found.
It smashes on a cobblestone during transportation and a virus, hundreds of
years old, is released into the air. Can your team find out what disease is
caused by the virus? Are you able to find an antidote before an epidemic breaks
In this escape game, your team will be taken into the mysterious
bastions of the Suomenlinna fortress. Heading off on this adventure,
you will need a survival backpack and a great deal of cleverness!

FlagHunt – Something Completely New!

Find flags! Place traps for your opponents! Hunt for treasure!

Include outdoor exercise in your company’s recreation day or meeting! Come and experience the well-received outdoor game suitable for everyone! Try FlagHunt!  This inspiring game makes exercise fun and puts everyone in a good spirits.

FlagHunt is a new outdoor team game developed in Finland based on old traditions and modern technology. Participants called FlagHunters search for virtual flags and treasures with the help of gps-phones and compasses while trying to entrap their opponents. Flaggers guide their teams via computer from the command center.

FlagHunt is adaptable to any outdoors environment regardless of its size. It can also be easily modified to suit the participants’ fitness levels. The total duration of a match is from 2 to 2.5 hours depending on the number of participants.

FlagHunt is suitable for groups of any size.Games are also recorded, so that all participants can watch them afterwards on the Internet.


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